Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I book my flights for?

We recommend you get to the wharf BEFORE 10:00am on our departure date and when booking your flight home book a flight after 12 noon. Boarding times are allocated by cabins and when you do your online check in closer to our departure date. You can select a boarding time at check in online soon.

Do I need a Passport?

Absolutely you do. We cross international boarders so you definitely need a passport to board the cruise ship.

What do I need to bring?

We will send details out on what to pack in October so you will have plenty of time to get organised and select the perfect outfits!

Do I need travel insurance?

We highly recommend that you have Travel Insurance for this cruise. Make sure that it covers 'International Cruises' in the policy as some travel insurance policies exclude this. Tickled Pink Travel Inc can provide travel insurance for this cruise. You can view the PDS and decide if this cover is for you here.

I've never done burlesque before.  Can I still join in?

Absolutely you may!  Our classes are for all experience and fitness levels.  

If I join in the classes, do I have to perform?  How much are we taking off?

Classes are presented just like a dance class - wear comfortable clothing that you would wear to the gym and bring a pair of heels that you can move in.  Performance is always optional and the only time that we'll be bearing our pasties, but how much you reveal is up to you!

Wait - what is burlesque anyway?  

The Burlesque Cruise specialises in authentic burlesque in the style made famous by Gypsy Rose Lee and, more recently, Dita Von Teese. Combining dance, comedy, parody, theatre, circus and striptease, the performance involves peeling numerous layers of extravagant costume to reveal pasties & a g-string, where desired, and an expert execution of the art of tease.


Is there an age limit?

Due to the striptease elements of burlesque, classes and performances are restricted to those aged 21 or over.

I've never been on a cruise before - will I get sea sick?

There's no way to tell until you're on board if you will have sea sickness, however if you are concerned we recommend bringing over the counter or prescription travel sickness medication with you.  Other methods such as travel bands and acupuncture (available on board) may also assist.  There is a medical centre on board that can administer anti-nausea medication if required.


I missed the deadline for the payment plan.  What can I do to still join in?

If you would like to join in the payment plan after 1st February 2019, please email us as you will need to catch up on all payments due before your joining date to bring you up to speed.
Alternatively, you may register and pay in full at any time up to the 3rd September 2019, pending cabin availability.

Where does the ship depart from?

Port Everglades. Ft Lauderdale

Head to this website for more details:

Who is handling the cruise bookings?


All bookings are made through authorised travel agent, Tickled Pink Travel Inc - Licence #2TA003774

For any day-of-travel concerns that you may have, please contact Tickled Pink Travel Inc at email: or +61 (0) 415 472 825.

More questions regarding cruising or the Adventures of the Sea?

Check out the excellent FAQS compiled by Royal Caribbean here.

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